Five Essential Steps To An Organized Home

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  • January 2, 2020
  • Five Essential Steps To An Organized Home

    What happens when you’re too busy, too lazy and too tired to clean up your house? You end up with an unending pile of clutter. Dealing with clutter can be overwhelming especially if the mess is several months old. The sad part about clutter is if you don’t do anything about it nothing will happen which means you’ll wake up and come home to the same chaotic mess that’s responsible for making you feel irritable, distracted and frustrated. It’s a vicious cycle that will never end unless you take action. The answer to this problem is to set aside a time to organize your home. Once everything is tidied up you can add a bit of home décor to give your home that oomph factor. To make your job easier, we’ve compiled 5 doable steps to guide you all throughout the process.

    The following are 5 easy steps to help you achieve an organized home.

    Living Room Cleanup

    Imagine you are a visitor and try to observe your living room. Is it updated? Does your living room have an obsolete home décor? Is it the kind of living room you want to hang out in or get away from? If your living space is brimming with stuff you no longer use and need to sort out items to toss out or donate so you can make room for new home décor that is more in tune with your personality. Don’t be afraid to let go of objects that are no longer useful to you.
    Five Essential Steps To An Organized Home

    Kitchen Cleanup

    Start by organizing your storage spaces. Place all of your chinaware in a single cabinet if they all fit there, your roasting and frying pans in the other, your mugs and coffee cups in separate storage space. Toss away kitchen utensils that are broken and damaged. We also suggest you buy organizing trays to keep your forks and spoons in order.

    Bathroom Organization

    Evaluate your vanity and check all the items one by one. This may seem tedious but trust us; once you’ve removed all the clutter in your bathroom you’ll feel amazing! Toss out expired medications, donate unused toiletries, and store duplicate items like toothpaste and toothbrushes on a shelf to keep them out of sight.

    Home Office Organization

    Just because you can’t toss away books, notebooks, and binders because you need them for work it doesn’t mean your home office will forever look stacked and messy. Invest in good shelving since these can also serve as home décor to store away all hardbound books to make your home office look spacious. Also, if you can acquire EBooks online or use digital notepads the better because that means you’ll need less stuff in your home office.

    Bedroom Organization

    As much as possible, keep your bedroom clean and tidy because this is the room where you’re supposed to relax and chill to get away from the stress of work. Keep your home décor to a minimum and regularly maintain the cleanliness of your bedroom. Store what needs to be stored and toss what needs to be tossed. The fewer items you keep the more spacious your bedroom will look.

    While it’s true that it’s easier said than done, if you really want to make changes and you’re committed to making it happen it will happen.